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Dear Business Owners and Leaders,

It is my honor to explore possibilities of working with you in one or more of the following areas:

  • TEAM: Inspiring & Building Your Team to flow like clockwork, own the store and produce timely results
  • FOCUS: Laser- like focus daily to eliminate stress & overwhelm with Balance in Life, fulfilling on this vision
  • VISION: You having a keen, cutting edge, inspiring and worthwhile vision
  • MARKETING: Forging a compelling marketing plan to have you exceed expectations in the short, medium and long run
  • SALES: To Elevate Your Effectiveness and Confidence in your ability to convert prospects

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Stress & Overwhelm

Cut Stress & Overwhelm – Increase Results

Cut Stress & Overwhelm – Increase Results 1.0 Commit Realistically versus Succumb to Guilt This includes a commitment to getting ...
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Robin Williams

Robin Williams – an inquiry into Purpose and Meaning

Robin Williams – an inquiry into Purpose and Meaning  This article is not about Robin Williams’ life and death.  We ...
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Opening vs Closing Sales

Opening Sales vs Closing Sales

The fears of selling Many hate the notion of selling – the fears of being judged, the fears of failure, ...
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Irony and Leadership

Leadership – Love and Irony

Why are we missing two of the most important facets of being human in any talk about leadership? Tons of ...
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