“Please don’t give me any more to do. I’m filled up!”

“I don’t have time to think about the long term for my family or my work. All I can do is handle what I have every day and every week.”

“My team keeps pushing back on me telling me that they are overwhelmed when I can see that they can probably cut down their hours and get more done.”

“Let me just get to my vacation . . . then I will feel better . . . well at least for a while.”

These statements are typical of what Sunil Bhaskaran hears from people who come to him for an initial coaching session. Sunil is a coach who specializes in brain-activated performance enhancement.

“Many of these great people are very competent and actually do produce results, but they’re overwhelmed. They wish they could reduce their stress and increase their productivity. They sometimes have a negative state of mind and feel like they’re not getting anywhere,” Sunil says.

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(Article published on Dr.Lorraine.net blog)