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EDUCATIONAL ARTICLE: A Clear, Credible Selling System Customized with Integrity, Confidence and Results

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Since starting my first business in 1991, people I network with have been giving me the same understandable statements: – e.g. “I don’t feel right about selling my stuff the way most other people do.” – e.g. “I don’t know how to sell my services or products in a way that I feel will…

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Coaching a Functional Super Team; Children and Monsters; Complexities and Partnership

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“I am about to lose my mind and eject my latest employee hopeful” Joanna said.  Joanna (name changed to protect confidentiality) is a new client of mine.  She hired me to help reduce employee turnover and her stress at having to go through so many people. This is the most common…

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Good news! Mentoring Millennials – How Our Mature Experience and Depth Makes a Difference

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You have seen this in the Karate Kid and Star Wars.  But this story gets played out in almost all of our lives. Young person (millennial) is ambitious – a little reluctant and hesitant in his or her hero’s journey – they know they are up to something; they are doing…

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