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An Extraordinary Book on Forging Your Own Self Defined Success, Regardless of Where You Are Today …

All of us, no matter how successful in life, encounter situations where success eludes us.

My intentions in writing this book are to give you insights to empower you to embrace and resolve failures and to create freedom.

Using engaging stories and simple tools, you will learn to unravel obstacles to your success and express yourself as a complete, compassionate, truthful and loving individual, free, content and able to make a difference with others.

This book is a practical roadmap completion, freedom and peace of mind.

Click here to read an Exerpt from The Forgiving Universe.

This book is available on Amazon.com and in all bookstores
Use this reference number : ISBN: 1-4505-8144-7

Order Your Own Copies : $16.95 + shipping and tax.

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[column col=”1/4″]”Just wanted to let you know I read your entire book again in one sitting this weekend. I am inspired to handle all of my incompletions and get with it. I also loved your story about the dance instructor and entering the competition. It reminds me that I need to play larger in all areas of my life. I am looking for opportunities to get bigger!”
– Claudette de Carbonel, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist[/column] [column col=”1/4″]”This book is an excellent read. It gave me a lot of insight into my life goals and new ways to approaching them. THANK YOU SUNIL.”
– Monica Kripalani, Pleasanton, CA[/column] [column col=”1/4″]”In his book, Sunil shares his personal journey in such a way that it deeply touches our hearts and inspires us to confront our own demons. His story is one of a rendering of the wounded heart that when allowed to heal, becomes transformed into a true gift of love. Through his story, he shares with us how to lift the veil of our own fear and pain so that we can
become free to see the true humanity in others ”
– Marti Halliwell, San Jose, CA[/column] [column col=”1/4″]”I personally recommend you to read this book! You will thank yourself for reading it!!!”
– Alok Sharma, San Antonio, Texas[/column] [space height=”20″]
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A Free Forgiveness Tool
Free Download – How to Resolve Failures (Failure Binder)

In this handout we explain a process for resolving failures. We designed this document in response to a common obstacle to satisfaction and true success for people in business and in their personal lives; unresolved failures.

Contains instructions and a template to use: Enjoy!

How to resolve failures: Failure Binder: Download
You will need to sign in Google as a member to download the file.
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