Business Breakthrough Blueprint for 2016

In this article, I want to share timely secrets to creating real breakthroughs in  your business and projects.

This is from 25 years of working, testing, observing strategies that worked for succesful business clients.

These are the primary areas to start focusing on – This is a checklist of items to help you see what you need. Tick each item mentally as you read.

1.  A Marketing Strategy that appeals to your audience and assures you of less pain, stress and more traction-type results

  • Get clear on which target markets to focus on.
  • Get clear on what their compelling problems, challenges and objectives are: short term and long term.
  • Get clear on how to message your audience compellingly OR set up smart experiments to discover how.

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2. A rough set plan to get you going: Done is better than perfect!

  • Start with your primary short list of objectives for the year.
  • Work backwards to have reasonable and concise objectives for each month.
  • Break it down to weekly goals if you can.

3. Designing systems and teams (if necessary) to help you get there

  • What is the system or sales funnel to use to convert prospects into clients so you do not have to strive or work too hard?
  • What do you need to delegate in a way that leaves you freed up to pursue what puts more money and satisfaction in your pocket?

4. Structure for Action & Refinement

  • Set up systems and structures to stay in action.
  • Set up systems and structures to refine and optimize your plan.

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5. Structure for Follow Through

  • Set up systems to make sure that things do not slip through the cracks.
  • Set up systems to handle breakdowns or “bumps in the road”.

6. Structure for Getting You Out of Impasse / Being Stuck

  • Dialogue with someone who will listen attentively and understand how to get you back on track is imperative.
  • Systems or structures to have this dialogue on a weekly if not daily basis.

If you are missing any of the above, I recommend closing this loophole immediately.

To help you wade through this complexity and start making simple, efficient and effective strides towards creating the systems, structures and thinking necessary for a breakthrough this year, please apply for a FREE BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH SESSION WITH SUNIL asap.  Click here to apply.  My team or I will respond within 24 business hours if you are approved.

Warmest Regards,

Sunil Bhaskaran

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