Marketing is essentially a creative endeavor. When you create, you inevitably create a new future. E.g. Steve Jobs created a new future for how human beings could experience computing.

This new future is for not only for your audience but for you as well – as the entrepreneur.

When it comes to creating your marketing strategy, it pays to get started on the process of clarifying your future and the future that your audience would have.

This future for your audience includes the following:
1. Solving a problem(s) for them – what problems?
2. Helping them produce a result(s) – what results?
3. Creating a new experience(s) for them – what experiences?

The Future for you is the same!
1. What problems will you solve in your new strategy?
2. What results could you produce with this strategy?
3. What experiences could you produce for yourself with this strategy?

The next huge question is: Is it worth your time and resources and the audiences’ time and resources in adopting this marketing strategy?

If the answer is yes, then you have the starting point for a good marketing strategy.
There is more to do and clarify, but that is a good starting point.

Next steps:
1. Create your offer options – options for your services or products.
2. The primary benefits of each option for the audience.
3. Pricing and other details.
4. The design of your sales funnel.

Sunil Bhaskaran
Executive Business Marketing Coach – San Jose, Santa Cruz, Capitola, CA