The End of Procrastination – Increasing Willpower – Part One

Willpower has become a scientific field of research in the last decade or so.

In this video article, I want to cover a few important points regarding willpower
that will help you do the following
a. Increase the amount of money & satisfaction you make or have
b. Reduce your stress levels
c. Increase your free time

Lets start with a. Increase the amount of money you make

Willpower is essentially two components:
1. Resisting the urge to be distracted by something that does not add up to
your desired commitments
2. The degree to which you stick to generating outcomes and activity towards
a set of desired commitments
#2 is partly a stand alone factor but is also contingent on #1 i.e. your ability
to withstand impulses is a primary factor in sticking to the program
that will bring you more satisfaction, more money and more health!

From a simple point of view, the more that you can resist the urge to be distracted
the more time you have to devote to your desired commitment.
From a painstaking study of 200 men and women (ten thousand momentary reports between
morning and night) done by Wilhelm Hofmann in Germany,
scientists have concluded that we spend about a quarter of our waking hours (about
four hours a day) resisting desires.
Time is not just the ability to make money and increase satisfaction,
but the ability to highly leverage your money and satisfaction
through imagination, research, inquiry and innovation.
On a linear scale, if you were to consider that your potential or real
hourly rate or business productivity is at least $50 per hour (i.e. you are earning
at least that for the company that you work for) – that represents a loss of about
$200 per day per person at least or $1000 per week… or $50,000 per year to the
company. If you own the company and you have ten people in your company,
that represents $500,000 per year of loss.
This math I believe is simplistic… because it under calculates the real issue.
because most productivity is never linear.. it is non-linear and involves a
significant result only after some prolonged focused thinking and effort.
So.. the real amount of loss of opportunity for the business you are in..
Could be much much much more!!!

The Bottom Line: Willpower is incredibly important to Your Bottom Line!

One Quick Strategy to increase willpower:
First some quick understanding about the neuroscience of willpower.
Willpower is a function of glucose. The ability to resist impulses
primarily rests with the prefrontal cortex and connections between
it and the impulse/reactive areas of your brain (limbic system).
The prefrontal cortex exerts ‘braking functions’ i.e. it tries
to rein in the impulse areas. Imagine the prefrontal cortex like
the elephant rider and the impulse areas like the elephant.
It requires energy to rein in the impulse areas: so if
you are depleted because you are multi tasking or
taking on too many projects at once.. or making
too many decisions at once (all no-nos if you are
in our coaching program), then your ability to
restrain your impulses (including the ones that
distract you a lot) tends to go down, leading
to the elephant rider losing control over
the rampant elephant. Imagine if
you depended on this elephant and the
rider to get your work done and make
money and increase satisfaction?

The takeaway: Less is more. If you are looking to make
more money, train yourself and your team to focus
on less outcomes or projects being focused on
per day: this will reduce the task switching (multi
tasking) and increase the ability to produce
more output increasing money and satisfaction.

In the next part(s), I will cover more on
b. reducing stress
c. increasing free time.

In the meantime, think “Less is More”
Sunil Bhaskaran