1. What is coaching?

There are many definitions to coaching. The kind of coaching we do is based in increasing our clients ability to perform in business, work and in life – this is results based coaching.

At times the coach plays the role of consultant or advisor where appropriate.

For the most time, the coach is working with the client to assess how to increase the client’s performance.

Coaching is done in partnership with the client. The typical modes of interaction (this is not a complete list) include:

  • Assessing the limitations of thinking that are influencing lack of performance
  • Strategizing to win or create a better quality of performance
  • Using clear practices to help the client achieve emotional regulation[space height=”20″]

Coaching is done primarily through conversation.

To get a clearer idea of what coaching is, go to our Contact section and email us with a request for a one-on-one initial coaching session.


2. Do you have any statistics on the effectiveness of coaching?

There are many statistics on the effectiveness of coaching on performance.

However, the best way to obtain statistics or data pertaining to your particular field or business or personality is to contact us using our contact section.


3. Do you provide client references?

We do this on a very limited basis as in the past, prospective customers had taken advantage of our very private and satisfied clients by using the reference as an opportunity to solicit business with them. Our testimonials on both the website and LinkedIn provide sound basis for our efficacy.


4. What is the best way to assess how and whether to work with you?

Contact us and set up an initial consultation.


5. What forms of payment do you take?

We take credit cards primarily, cash and check.


6. How do I hire Sunil to speak at my organization?

Contact us using the Contact Section on this website.


7.  What does Cahaya Mind mean?

Cahaya (pronounced cha-ha-ya) means ray of light or glow or gleam in the Malay language.

So Cahaya Mind roughly translates into Light/Glow/Gleam of the Mind