Good news! Mentoring Millennials – How Our Mature Experience and Depth Makes a Difference

You have seen this in the Karate Kid and Star Wars.  But this story gets played out in almost all of our lives. Young person (millennial) is ambitious – a little reluctant and hesitant in his or her hero’s journey – they know they are up to something; they are doing everything right it seems, but ‘something is missing’ in their results and in their levels of satisfaction. They meet the older person – cantankerous – maybe a little forgetful about their mission; bored, resigned or lonesome – he (she) takes on the younger protégé and begins to mould them.   The younger person wants the training but resists it at the same time due to the discomfort they feel at having to confront their inner demons.  They finally confront their inner demons and win the day or grow substantially in the process. Good news! Nothing has changed.  This mythology, I believe lives in our genes or at least in our social conditioning. I see this every week. Young adults ranging from 18 through their mid 30s lost and feeling alone in the woods called work and life – a siren call for assistance, a kindly word, mature advice, the ear bent, delicate things discussed to clarity. Some young adults are not finding this in the hurly burly world of apps, social media, TED talks, lavish seminars, rave parties, TV shows or even HBO.  The reason is simple – it is impossible to find it in these places. Our genetics and biology demand a face to face or voice to voice encounter with a mature person – someone who can extract the poetry and science from experience and tutor in a delicate and sensitive way to a young person’s untrained ears. The hunger by the way is ravenous. “Where do I find people like this my age?” one youth cried to me over some cigars. “You just don’t find people who can have these kinds of conversations.. I mean these are sensitive and meaningful questions right?” They seek assurance and they seek answers. We as older men and women must answer this call – must soothe the hunger pains so that we can create the next generation – leaving a generation we are proud of. Kind regards, Sunil If you like this article and would like to read more of these kinds of articles, go to