How to Build a Raving Audience of Thousands

With the advent and growth of internet marketing has come an audience that is distracted and disgruntled with emails etc. a

You may be one of them as you open this email.

If you are in business or an expert trying to market yourself, how do you address the question of promoting yourself in such an environment of distractions and frustrations at having too many emails?

How do you stand apart in a way that builds an audience and ultimately serves your business?

Here are some basic points to start with:

1.  Insist on being and feeling good about what you market and sell

You represent your business and your audience will recognize if you are truly behind what you sell or if you are trying to just make money off them. You will get naysayers from time to time who will try to discourage you or complain – these may be distractions and not the truth – Love them anyway.

On the other side of that, you will find that if you market right and strategize correctly – you will attract an audience who loves you and refers you left, right and center.

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2.  Have good feelings about what you sell that match your marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy needs to be designed to reflect not only your passion or excitement about your business, but the strategy must also comfortably lead people in your audience to first engage with you in a low cost and easy way, and then to gradually greater commitments – whilst serving them with good information and guidance.

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Have a great successful day!

Sunil Bhaskaran