Mastery and Staying True to Yourself in Marketing for Your Business

– The challenges we face in being authentic in our market place

This is an article that artists, experts and people with high levels of knowledge may find useful. It may not necessarily teach you how to make a lot of money, but it may encourage you to stay on the course of being true to your expertise and your values.

Many of you have mastery or experience e.g. 10 years or more of hard won experience in a field of expertise. Some of you are on your way to mastery.

Then a portion of you are wondering when will your hard earned mastery or expertise be recognized or acknowledged. We don’t see enough results despite our hard work. We get frightened and panic – we sell out by adopting sales and marketing techniques that may not fit our styles, leaving us tired, burnt out and discouraged.

Hey – I’ve done it. Not proud of it -been there and done that.

Most masters I know have the following traits:

1. A sense that they know a lot.
2. A sense that their value is questioned or deemed doubtful by others and themselves – that their upward climb is futile.
3. It seems like their growth and development is never done. (“I feel like I am still starting out!”)
4. That others (who may not have mastery) are getting ahead of them and that is both discouraging and frustrating.
5. That emphasizing depth and mastery in their engagements with their market does not sell.

I do not pretend to have a comprehensive answer for everyone.

But I do have some hard learned truths:

1. Marketing has always and will probably be for a long time – all about distinguishing yourself and creating a compelling narrative that stands out from everyone else competing in your market.

2. OPTION 1: The process of creating that compelling narrative is based in your ability to write good compelling marketing copy or messaging that attracts audiences to buy from you.

3. OPTION 2: That process and that narrative can include the expression of depth – understanding, flexibility and an appreciation for the all the complexities that most of your customers experience.

It is OPTION 2 that I feel is critically missing in today’s marketing.

This is BOTH a missing and an opportunity for those of us who have depth, mastery and intuitive deep understandings in our field of expertise.

We tend to think that going deep and sharing our wisdom may not land on friendly ears. I understand this sentiment and of course, we must tune our messaging to the audience. However, when we stop sharing the depth, irony and the high order wisdom that we have, I feel a part of me and us are robbed. I also feel that our audience is robbed of the opportunity to elevate themselves – basking in your high order knowledge.

I have no generic solution in this article for you – because every one of you is different. But I do have a question for you to ponder. What if you could discover a way to market yourself whilst sharing your depth of understanding and wisdom – designed to elevate your community and not just over simplify for the sake of making sales? What would be different for you and in your business?

Have a successful and complete day!
Sunil Bhaskaran
Master Business Marketing Coach
San Jose, Santa Cruz, Capitola, CA