Meetup Finally the Bigger Game for Your Growing Business

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Meetup Finally the Bigger Game for Your Growing Business for a low investment

Like thousands of seeds sprouting, we watched our business grow, climb and reach more people than we had in the previous years combined. In our meetup organization, we currently have a reach of 56,874 business professionals and owners in the Silicon Valley of California (28,000+ of our own + more from Joint venture partners who were attracted to working with us.) We have learned how to work with meetup to stay within their policies and at the same time derive a very healthy six figure income from this unique but powerful sales funnel called meetup. com. Organic website traffic to our sites has doubled and then quadrupled due to our leverage of Meetup. Also, attendance, traffic and engagement in our own proprietary forum has grown in all measures due to our use of meetup. Even the marketing staff of Meetup were impressed enough to reach out to us to ask us how they can grow their groups internationally. (What is meetup? Meetup is a website platform run by another organization based in New York that helps people and organizations reach out to their audience and manage their live face to face and online events.)

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Like pleased, beaming parents of successful children, we have watched our clients following our meetup marketing course and building results via their own meetups, that we helped them start attaining starting numbers of audience and waiting lists for their events that we wished we had when we first started our business. The meetup training program we started has been so successful that we are initiating our own private club mastermind of successful clients who have used meetups – to facilitate even greater and larger growth for our clients in the near future.

We are offering a fresh set of webinar trainings in the coming days to give you a clear sense of how you may do the same for your own business.
We have cracked the complicated code on

a. How to use meetup in your own business to grow your audience and profits.
b. How to teach others to do the same in a step by step way WITH LITTLE MONEY and LITTLE OR NO OVERWHELM than most people think… and do it in a way that is personable and supportive.

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Here are some of the topics that we will be covering in these trainings:
i. How to build an Offline Audience people coming to see you live, face to face.
ii. Why meetup can help you build an Online Audience as well (in fact, this benefit may outweigh the live face to face audience for some of you)?
iii. How we build our own proprietary Forum online and engaged our audience effectively to create clients?
iv. How to have Bigger Partnerships and Serious People come to you using meetup?
v. The Travelling Show Strategy using Meetups for those of you who love to expand and travel in your business.
vi. How to leverage your Webinars and online events using Meetup and stay on the right side of meetup policies?
vii. How to use meetup to Build Your Machine Using Meetup with Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.?
viii. How to set up systems to make meetup management easy and totally easy?

CLICK HERE to get access to our free trainings and a free report on Six Ways to Make Money In Your Own Business Using

We look forward to helping you move forward this year!

Sunil Bhaskaran