A little night time music and something to think about – play the video … and read the rest of the article

Today, I congratulated two very close and loved people for 18 years of marriage
Today, I sent condolences to my cousin’s family for his passing – a man not much older than me – whom I was beginning to know – some possibilities came to a natural end for such a wonderful man, his family and me.
Today, I liked to think I helped several clients find a better path in their business.
Today, I forgave the young kid upstairs for making such ruckus without letting him off the hook.
Today, I forged a stronger bond with a business partner.
Today, I thought of three more jokes to use.
Today, I made at least 25 people wrong.
Today, I wasted a few hours of time in day dreaming reverie and probably a few hours in justification – and imagined and played out several victorious debates.

But Today Has Passed.

And All I Have is the Night – A night where I can pause to listen to music – romantic, deep and beautiful and yet at the same time absurd – because my cousin Prem whom I miss – will not experience it, and it saddens me.

But I know that this music .. romantic and absurd .. and the art.. and the choice to live fully is what will (if I am lucky) have me wake and get out of my bed despite my protesting mind and limbs – to pursue life fully and do IT ALL AGAIN!

Good night and have a great tomorrow!

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