Powerful, Sensitive Marketing Traction – Options for Moving The Ball Forward

Powerful, Sensitive Marketing Traction – Options for Moving The Ball Forward

The conflict:
1. You want a way to build/improve a marketing funnel that generates an audience, engagement and committed audience actions.
2. The person trying to help you does not understand/appreciate you , your business and the commitment level you bring.
3. You need more of a mentor than just a marketing consultant – someone who can understand you, your vision and help you co-create strategy sensibly, with sensitivity and with focus.

Working alone can be difficult, challenging and energy draining.
But getting the right team or support may not only be critical, it may be life altering
in a good way and give you the right boost in confidence and traction.

There are a couple of ways of putting together a team that will support you:
1. Continue working alone. You are comfortable in this and there may be nothing else to say.

2. Get an inexpensive and inexperienced consultant who will give you a narrow confined strategy to operate in e.g. a consultant who only does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to gain you only traffic. This may work in cases where you are clear that this is the best strategy for you. But if you are unclear or have not tested this theory out,then you may be in for some wasted time.

3. Mentor: Get a mentor who can listen and give guidance. You do the implementation.

4. Mentor and Free Up Time: Get a mentor who can listen and give guidance and have a team to help or do the implementation of marketing for you e.g. managing your content creation, audience growth, outreach, offers, distribution, your sales funnels, your website, meetup promotions, email marketing, social media marketing – taking all those daily tasks off your plate.

If you are considering Options 3 and 4, you are beginning to arrive at a more mature phase of your business.
Options 3 and 4 above require an investment of money and time from you and hence requires you
to examine to see what the returns on investment will be.

Let’s take a quick look at the potential returns.

#3: Get a mentor
Payoffs are:
1. Clear, focused activity, thinking and top-down design if necessary for your
marketing and sales efforts.
2. Savings of time, headache – freedom from swinging unnecessarily from one ‘bright idea’
to another.
3. Not feeling alone anymore – Less burden. You have a partner who shares a commitment to you succeeding. This reduces the stress and burden on you.

#4: Get a mentor and they do the implementation for you
Payoffs are:
1. All the payoffs for #3 above.
2. Much more Time and headache savings = I have measured up to 20 hours per week for some of the clients my team and I work for.
3. “No more stupid type of work!”: The time and headache saved – gives you more time and bandwidth to create more innovative ideas, strategies and projects that are ‘worthy’ of your attention.
4. Marketing Engine: Within time, having a marketing and sales system that delivers prospects to you reliably.
Less stress and more time for other ideas and further growth.

CHOICE: Insanity, Boredom or New:

The definition of insanity:

“Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results but getting the same.”

The definition of boredom is:

“Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results but getting the same.”

To create something new and exciting requires a willingness to invest in something new and worthwhile with a weariness of boredom and insanity.

If you are curious to see how you can move forward in your marketing, feel free to reach out to me at Sunil@CahayaMind.com .

Have a great day and successful week,
Sunil Bhaskaran