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“The session resonated with so many event attendees that we reached capacity in the session room and had to overflow the presentation to another seating area via video feed” – Ann Johnson, Professional Convention Management Association

Sunil’s Speaking Topics:

More Money, More Time, Less Stress – Using Brain Science to Leverage Business

Emotional Regulation – Resolving Fear, Guilt, Frustration and other Distractions

The New Brain Science and Leadership – Being an Effective Captain of the Ship
Staying on track – Increasing Willpower with Practice

Brain Science and Gender – How to relate effectively between genders

And many more (please let us know what topics you may be interested in)

Brain Science is the next frontier for causing exponential growth in Business …

We now know more about the brain than in the last 100 years of brain science research. There is an average of about 1 brain science study coming out every 3 hours. The US Government just funded a massive and complex research project to study the brain and to map its neural pathways. European counterparts in science are looking at how to mimic the human brain using computing technology. All this coupled with the vast strides we are making in the various affiliated neurosciences (evolutionary biology, experimental philosophy, neuroeconomics, performance based psychology, social cognitive neuroscience), computing technologies (exponential improvements in price per computing power per size of chip), nanotechnology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence – we are facing an age where it may be possible to not just understand the brain, but also figure out how to use the brain effectively for the most important parts of our lives.. and for our business.

“World-class speakers are the cornerstone of a successful conference, and we are so glad to have had you on the team…” – Deborah Sexton, President, Professional Convention Management Association

The applications of brain science to business are clear and almost stupefying. We have turned our previous understanding of the brain (some closely held notions of the brain) into ancient superstition. For example, we used to think that the brain stopped developing past the age of early adulthood. We now know that that brain retains its plasticity (ability to grow new brain cells) right through old age. We are understanding the unconscious more so than before, leaving some of Freud’s and other luminaries’ ideas in the dust. Why is this relevant to business and professional work life? We now understand the following better:

a. How to maintain focus daily without stress to increase our productivity to breakthrough levels with practice?

b. How to coach people in your team more effectively with less chance of having them feel threatened?

c. How to emotionally regulate i.e. manage and resolve emotions like fear, frustration, anxiety, worry etc.?

d. How to relate better and more effectively with gender differences and .. similarities?

e. How to make better decisions with the increased awareness of how your brain works .. and does not work?

f. How to optimize your brain functions through proper health and stress reduction practices?

g. How to manage and increase your willpower over time?

h. How to manage and lower your stress over time?

i. What is the relationship between improved brain performance and having breakthroughs in creating More Money, More Free time and Less Stress?

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