Sunil Bhaskaran is a Premier Business Speaker in the Bay Area of Northern California. His training events are typically filled to waiting-list status within days and weeks. He speaks passionately and with good humor, combining Concrete Brain Science Research, Business, and Marketing Strategy in an intriguing, clarifying, simple manner for the lay person. He has been speaking for 20 years.

Speaking Topic: Skyrocketing Your Business Performance – It’s Not Brain Science

In the last five years, brain science researchers have discovered more about the brain than in the last 100 years of medical research. This new information has tremendous applications in the world of business and for you: Both in terms of day-to-day work and results.

In this presentation, you will learn the following:

  • Creating Security & Concrete Results with less Stress & in less time
  • The Top Reasons for Failure from a Brain Science point of view
  • Using brain science to Avoid these Failure Points
  • Building your business/projects with high focus
  • Handling distractions to stay on track
  • Reducing Procrastination: From Time Management to Promise Management
  • Effective Decision Making and Problem Resolution
  • Managing Your Moods Effectively
  • Brain Science and Leadership Effectiveness
  • And Much More …..
Speaking Style:
  • Humorous
  • Intellectually Stimulating & Easy to Understand
  • Interactive and Friendly
  • Valid and Up to date information[space height=”20″]
Options for Duration of Presentation
  • Sufficient Content for at least 1 to 2 days training if this is required
  • Based on the time required, the speaker will select only a subset of topics mentioned[space height=”20″]
Other terms: Negotiable.

Please contact at for details.

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