Sharla Jacobs – Award-Winning Million-Dollar Mentor

"I tripled my income…and now we’ve made millions!

Before working with Sunil, I was brand new to starting my business. It took me about 3 months on my own to figure out that just having a business card and an office wasn’t going to fill my schedule with clients…I was barely paying my bills. And it got very scary when I had to start putting groceries on credit cards! Sunil promised me that in 90 days of coaching with him, I would triple my income. I had known him for a while and knew him as an incredibly trustworthy and high-integrity man, so I borrowed the money to invest in coaching with him and jumped in. Sunil supported me to go beyond what I thought was possible. He provided structures to help me do what I needed to do to get clients and grow my business. He provided me with feedback for how to continuously improve my effectiveness. He gave me the plan and then helped me be accountable to fulfill on the plan to reach my income goals. And I did! I tripled my income in 90 days, just as he promised. That was just the beginning. The coaching I got from Sunil laid a solid foundation for me to become a successful business owner. My husband and I have now made millions and are considered leading authorities in our field. We’ve impacted tens of thousands of people through our work. I am so grateful for the coaching I did with Sunil years ago. I highly recommend you work with him if you want the shortcut to reach your goals."

Eric Hess – CFO and Co-Owner, Compass, LLC.
"When we at COMPASS, LLC, used Sunil’s coaching we experienced a 150% increase in size over two years. His instruction and training has left an indelible mark on how we relate to our clients and our staff. We now place a greater value on acknowledging and declaring truth and our people all make promises and hold each other accountable in healthy, productive ways. Sunil has been and remains a good friend to me and my wife personally and to our firm."

Rob Ross – Realtor, Santa Cruz, CA
"Sunil's accountability program helped me stay focused daily, weekly and monthly to have a 40 percent increase in income this year.Thanks Sunil, for all your support in the past, and holding me to account and continuing to challenge me to improve myself.."

Baruch Vargas – Business Owner
"It comes with great pleasure for me to HIGHLY Recommend anyone who is looking for clarity, accountability, knowledge, tools, skills, dignity, compassion, integrity, trust, friendship, and what it takes to reach your goals and be successful in your business and personal life,  with the leadership and strategies that Sunil Bhaskaran provides as a Mentor, Coach and a friend.     So… if you want a breakthrough in your situation… then Get a hold of Sunil right now!  Because… Sunil genuinely gives more value and time to really see that you are complete with everything you want to accomplish and propel you to become the person you know you are!  I have the privilege to work beside Sunil to gain more than just money… I gained the freedom to own my life and passion! Thank you Sunil!"

AviGingold – Director, Legal Shield and Leader – Successful Thinkers Networking Group – San Jose / Santa Clara
"Since we have met Sunil several weeks ago, our business had dramatically changed. He inspired us into opening our own Meetup group, which has been a great success. His guidance and support have enabled us to grow our pipeline and cultivate out leads. Sunil’s coaching program is a great program that I recommend to every business owner that wants to take his business to the next level."

Terri Taylor – President and Creative Design Director
"I have attended a number of Sunil’s networking events over the last 12-18 months and he always delivers value to the attendees. Thoughtful and highly intentional to desired outcomes, Sunil has a genuine concern for the results achieved by his clients and meeting attendees alike. I strongly recommend Sunil as a speaker and his networking events."

Jeff Nott – Workforce Solutions Advisor
"Sunil has great insight to the challenges one faces not matter what the field of endeavor. He helps on to focus on the abjective and work out the solution and he does all this in a very positive and supportive style. He makes it easy to share oneself with him."

"I hired Sunil as a Business Coach in September 2012. That is the time that I started my business as an Emotional Intelligence expert, speaker, and coach. He has been my coach since then. I have benefited tremendously in my confidence and knowledge of how to get establish and grow in my business. He provided me with a structure to follow that is based on brain science and held me accountable to my words with generous authentic encouragement and feedback. He makes sure that I get more than satisfactory value for the fees I have paid. I have also attended his speaking events and he is an effective, engaging, and humorous speaker. I highly recommend Sunil as a speaker and a coach."

Kathy Bisbee
"Sunil was my business and life coach just for a short period of time, but the awareness, skills, new take on accountability and initiative that I gained during that timeframe has benefitted me throughout the past seven years of my career. In part because of my work with him, I transitioned into my current career and new levels of success. I encourage other professionals to use Sunil’s coaching services!”

Ayelet Gingold – Realtor, Santa Clara, CA
"Sunil is an inspiring, very creative and sharp business coach. His commitment and genuine care are hard to find. Working with Sunil, failing is not an option."

Mike Hertzer
"Sunil is one of the best motivators I have seen in quite some time. His expertise is in training people how to utilize their time effectively through realistic goal-based scenarios. His ideas using my personal ‘integrity list’ put me in a position not to just organize my calendar effectivey, but to create personal time by focusing on what I do best rather than taking care of everything. Sunil has certainly added another four hours to my standard 24-hour day. I will most certainly utilize his services in the various associations where I participate.”

Meeta Vyas – Agile Coach
"In his coaching, Sunil uses the well researched concrete brain science methodology that helps remove the overwhelm factor in business building. In our work together Sunil was able to identify the major issues that were in my way. Once the issues were identified he helped me focus on the 3 concrete steps that I can take now to take my business to the next level. Having Sunil as a thinking and accountability partner would be an asset for any business owner.”

Matthew K. Stark – Internet Marketing Expert
Sunil is a great speaker. He really inspires anyone that attends one of his events. I have known Sunil for many years, starting when I would attend meetups. He enjoys celebrity status on meetup.com which is no easy task. he consistently markets himself via multiple channels. for sure i would recommend Sunil to anyone wanting to start a consulting or public speaking career. if Sunil ran for office, i would vote for him in a heartbeat!

Alyssa Williamson – Creative Director and CEO
"Sunil is excellent at discovering your true goals, revealing your resistances and motivating you to move beyond them. I have seen phenomenal results since my three month business coaching with Sunil and I am still gaining new understanding of the topics he discussed with me. My business has grown substantially, I have learned methods to manage my time, and most importantly, I have become aware of my own thought processes and how I need to change them to take my business to the next level. I am preparing for further business growth and I look forward to contacting him again very soon."

Don Anderson – President – Don Anderson, Inc.
"Sunil is the consummate professional in his attention to detail, timeliness, follow-up and mentoring. He is results oriented and keeps you on target and schedule in your quest for growth and success. Sunil will assist you in your growth process and you will achieve your goals with his guidance and tutoring."

Tadas Narauskas
"Sunil is the hardest working business coach I’ve ever met. Just his sheer determination and dedication is inspiring, truly a leader by example."

Patricia DuVall – Retired (recently)
"Sunil is a great coach. To watch and learn from him was outstanding. If you’re, looking for work, you will learn how to sit, mirror, and get that confidence, or if want to improve yourself and get that client that you thought was out of your reach, then Sunil is the person that can help. Sunil is awesome, attending his coaching classes is a must.”

Steve Trachsel, MBA
"I have attended a number of Sunil’s networking events over the last 12-18 months and he always delivers value to the attendees. Thoughtful and highly intentional to desired outcomes, Sunil has a genuine concern for the results achieved by his clients and meeting attendees alike. I strongly recommend Sunil as a speaker and his networking events."

Neil Kripalani – Corporate Attorney, General Counsel for Companies
I have known Sunil for over a year now. He is a top-notch coach. I have brought him into client accounts for management development and coaching and for developing a performance oriented culture in mid-sized organizations. His professionalism is evidenced by clients who repeatedly rely on his advice and continued involvement in their companies.

Karis Tang
“It seems unfair to only list 3 of Sunil’s attributes. As a business coach, Sunil’s commitment that his clients get results gives him the heart, passion and persistence to make sure the client does what needs to be done. More than clarity for my business, Sunil’s coaching advice also brought clarity to my own life. If you want change in the way you look at life and business, he is the coach for you.”

Nihal Kaur, L.Ac.- Primary Care Acupuncturist
"Sunil is a masterful coach! Before my first session with him, I was insecure and disappointed that my first program launch failed to attract participants. With surgical brilliance, he saw what was missing in my presentation and offer. He coached me on the spot to own my value and make the potential clients hungry for me! Literally the next week, I gave a talk on my program and landed my first premium client. Sunil is a gem; he's fun, and professional. Most importantly, he delivers results!"

Susan Day- Author
"Before I struggled to find solutions to what I wanted to do with my life. I was aimless and had no real direction. I had a lot of great ideas, but wasn't sure how to make them come to life. Bill and Sunil worked with me and made me realize that I had a talent for writing and that there were a wide range of areas where I could make a great income. In 6 months, I managed to make more than my money back that I paid for the program and I produced unexpected clarity in going after a business of writing. This has increased my confidence in areas I didn't realize was possible. Best of all I can work from home. I have plenty of time to spend with my family, in particular, my grandchildren and more time to spend with my pets. My life now belongs to me and that is a priceless feeling."

Nissim Malul- Visionary Entrepeneur
"Before I started coaching with Sunil, I did not know how to manage all the things I like to do in life, i.e. what to choose as primary income generating and what as hobby etc., how to arrange my day to get all the things I want to do done, how to structure and set goals, and increasing the number of clients that need my services. Sunil was able to help me get clear on my direction, approach, speak and follow up with new clients, time management, and understand the mischief we do to ourselves to postponed getting stuff done! After working with Sunil, I was able to accomplish a big peace project while working and going to school. I got through very difficult breakups in one piece and was able to keep moving forward in lieu of large financial losses, all while creating new businesses."

Carrie Kimmell, Atlas Real Estate and Investment
Before working with Sunil, I had a vision. It was a big vision, but I was lost within it and I frequently felt guilty about the vision itself. Inevitably something discouraging would happen and soon I would be stuck again, crestfallen and questioning my vision and purpose entirely. Since working with Sunil for almost two years now, my husband and I have doubled our income in our business. I now have a deeper sense of conviction for the vision I’m going after, what I stand for, and how I want to achieve this. I am beginning to understand how much value and power I hold as an individual and also for my husband and I as a team (both business and otherwise). I am truly realizing that we can choose to live without guilt, that we can create, that we can work less than 40 hours per week, have enough time with our families, and that we can still operate on a level with the highest integrity and the highest degree of commitment to our clients and our business. We are thankful for the wisdom Sunil has and continues to share with us. His guidance has propelled us to success within our family, business, and passions. Our lives are and will continue to be infinitely richer because of what we have learned and continue to learn from Sunil.