Welcome 2016 – A Year of Authentic Breakthrough Success for You

Welcome 2016 – A Year of Authentic Breakthrough Success for You

As I completed 2015, I reflected on all the things I got done and all the things
I did not get done. There is still a mixture of feelings – regrets on things I missed,
triumphs that fill my chest with pride, sadness at people past and a longing for
something new.

Yet in the midst of all this reflection, I also noticed how predictable our culture has become.
The New Year means resolutions and the guilt, frustrations, fears and resignation
that come along with these new promises.

We all know the story – most resolutions never realize, weight is put on, not lost – exercise bikes
stay in the garage accumulating dust, business goes up a little or stays the same and people remain unmarried.







What intrigues me is why we keep doing the same things every year as a culture – either we
optimistically create another set of lengthy resolutions or we quit doing them.

Neither option is satisfactory.

Is there a Third Solution?
Good news! The answer is ‘No’. There are way more than 3 solutions – there are probably more than 7.3 billion solutions –
each one customizable to each person on our planet. A good chance that you could have way more than 3 options for yourself.

There are four factors at play that can help you create an outstanding and outrageously successful 2016 in your own style:

1.  Imagination – to expand possibilities

Insisting on reflecting and inquiring enough to find a vision and goals that not only are realistic but also engage your mind, body and ‘soul’.
This process of imagination should never be ‘done’ – it should be a constant process – done daily.  This process should be employed even
in moments of breakdown and failure.

Start now – ask yourself and answer the question posed “What would you want to see happen in your life and business by the end of 2016? What
issues would you like to be more than just resolved? If they were more than just resolved, what would life look like? If you think you already
have objectives for the year, are they what you really want? Can you do better? Can you make them more interesting?”

“How can I do this practice of deepening my goals and vision more consistently and make the answers deep, practical, real and authentic for me?” you ask?

2.  A Healthy Respect for Structure & Accountability – why breakthroughs fail to give birth?

Having your structures, systems and accountabilities follow your imagined visions and objectives – not the other way around. The reason why
people resist accountability is because somewhere in their mind, they have resolved that accountability is not really worth following through

A recent client just had a breakthrough year financially (income went up by more than 25 percent).  Interestingly when he recapped the year, he
could clearly see that the beginning of his climb to the breakthrough began with a clarity in his vision plus a renewed pursuit of accountability
– full and rigorous accountability inside of his new and more ‘real’ vision. He recalled three conversations with me in the first quarter that
shifted his thinking completely – but these conversations would not have amounted to anything had it not been for the constant inquiry and
definition of practices and measures to keep the breakthrough game alive and kicking.
“How can I keep this process towards breakthroughs alive for myself?” you ask?

3.  Dialogue

We are social animals and we respond well to conversation – especially conversation that allows for keen but truthful listening – always
asking the question “Is what we are about to focus on really going to give us what we really want in the long term?”

This dialogue is special to me with my clients – watching clients grow literally daily with each conversation – these changes are imperceptible
at first, but when viewed long term, each conversation clarifies the pathway and their courage in facing each obstacle and moving through them
sometimes with fits and starts, but overall with a resolve that builds with encouragement and choice.

“How can I do this for myself without breaking the bank and getting enough time to enjoy myself in recreation?” you may ask.

4.  Leverage
Engaging in all three of the above processes daily – increases the range of possibilities.  Problems, crises and breakdowns become easier to
embrace and deal with.

“Okay.. come on now.. what is the answer – how can I make this real for me?” you may ask now ready to throw food and projectiles at me.


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See you soon,
Sunil Bhaskaran

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