Fighting over what is right or what is wrong could be useful. But how about fighting for what is ignored – the dreams that have gone by the wayside, ambitions for a more expansive world, the future of your children?

25 years of my life have been spent listening to what has been ignored by the men and women coming through my office doors – their desires for something bigger than trying to figure out how their business could survive another year or to figure out how their team could come together.

Behind these business desires, is the ever looming and ever growing question of what their business was created for in the first place – feeding their family, building a community, providing something of value to their customers – a vision of building something .. a legacy left behind that that elevates us beyond mere mammals to beings capable of altering and shifting futures.

I think we are facing a fundamental question core to our being today – “Are we willing to be beings dedicated to a future or beings dedicated to more of the same?”

To get to that point, we have to give up making ‘more of the same’ wrong – but to approach this fight as a fight for putting in what is missing – the fulfillment of what we see missing, rather than what is wrong.

What would our lives be like if we gave up fighting for what is right and wrong – but for what could be a great future for all of us?

Enjoy your evening,
Sunil Bhaskaran
Executive Business Marketing & Leadership Coach
San Jose, Capitola, Santa Cruz, CA

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