What to do when the going gets tough?

Warning: This is counter-intuitive and can create breakthroughs.


There is a reason why most people are not successful and it is partly not their fault;
Education on running a business or getting through life tends to be over-simplified and not very effective.

What I have learned and applied in my own life and in coaching some of the most extraoardinary business and government leaders – is actually counter-intuitive.  Now, of course, this is simplified here as well – the beauty is in the details, but I wanted to get you thinking of new approaches to your life, business and relationships – new approaches that could lift your productivity, bring more joy and aliveness and more profits. These are the kinds of approaches that lend me the delight of creating at least one significant breakthrough every two weeks in my business and in life.


1. Create a bigger Frame or Vision or Goal

Partly why people get stuck when the going gets tough is because the game of vision is too small. If you keep solving the same problems over and over again, it may be time to create a bigger game and induce bigger problems. The need to resolve these bigger goals and problems will increase the urgency to resolve the smaller problems. This is not for the faint hearted – this is why I work with very few people – there are few people statistically speaking who are open to this kind of breakthrough inducing thinking – are you one of them?


2. Press the Accelerator Appropriately – Gauge Challenge, Vision and Skill

Creating a bigger game should be done prudently; this is not about being a mindless ‘gun-slinging breakthrough cowboy’.  This is about gauging where your challenge levels truly are i.e. how much you are really willing to ‘suffer’ in the short term to create a breakthrough AND how accurately you can gauge your competence and skill.  The latter is difficult because we tend to overestimate our abilities.

3. More Oxygen on the Future

It is insufficient to create a bigger vision. You must have it front and center with you throughout the day.  The pull of the past and the pull of your ordinary habits (the ones that keep you playing small) are too strong and well ingrained. To counter these ‘negative’ forces, you will have to create practices that frequently (very frequently) put more oxygen on the future rather than on the past (e.g. worries, small problems that don’t lend to profit and happiness etc.).


4. Get Dialogue going

From the latest brain science research, we know that we are essentially social animals – we love to socialize – it helps us think through our issues more efficiently and effectively and we get a lot done with other people thinking and dialoguing with us.

People tend to think about action only – but mindless action – the kind that has not been weighed or reviewed with other perspectives, other information and other kinds of thinking – can lead to boredom, paralysis and mistakes.


The most important thing to bring forth is an enjoyment of the process at hand rather than the answer and outcome. This is not easy for any human being – but this is the kind of challenge that I love to impose on myself – to learn how to enjoy the process, enjoy the triumphs and enjoy or at least be curious about the failures and the not-so-great-stuff – okay.. to perhaps be a Sherlock Holmes in your own life and business – curious to learn, discover, decipher and intuit new ways of being that work better for you.

I invite you into that world of curiosity about what it would take for you to exceed your limitations – to not stop
where you may have stopped prior.