Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Making Your Sales

There are a few good reasons why people get stuck in their sales productivity. Read till the very end for a quick, simple tool I’m giving away for FREE that will help you achieve your sales results.

Reasons Why People Get Stuck:

  1. No clear and testable marketing strategy or process to refine strategy – the ship captain is driving aimlessly.
  1. No long term vision and no clear long term goals – this gives no long term change or transformation for you.
  1. No clear link between short term sales goals and long term goals – this leads to lack of conviction in any long term change for you.
  1. No clear link between short term (e.g. daily) actions and short term or long term goals – this leads to feeling and being stuck.
  1. Not clear or decisive in taking daily actions & NO incentive or reward system for taking clear decisive actions!

Or, you may hear yourself saying, “What do I do next? Is that the best use of my time? Arrgh… Decisions, decisions. Here let me distract myself and check my Facebook page…”

The last reason is the most frequently occurring reason – i.e. it occurs almost daily for many, if not most people.

Even I hit this snag from time to time.

But I have a tool that I use that gives me freedom and flow every day.

This tool I use is called the Sales Tracker System.

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I use this system as well and stand by it’s effectiveness.

Please leave a comment below and share with me how this system is working for you. Enjoy!